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Welcome to Lim IT Consulting.

Plain and simple IT solutions that work.

Internet connectivity is very important these days. And we can help connecting your and your customer’s devices to the internet using your secured WiFi network.

With our remote management solutions, you can have your network and computer systems up and running without having a dedicated network or systems administrator on site.

We deliver best practice designs, installations and remote management for:

  • Networking and Internet connectivity,
  • WiFi,

We also provide computer services for Apple and Windows computers.

With Lim IT Consulting’s expertise in the areas, you can be assured that your project will be completed the right way, the first time. Our focus area is San Jose, CA and the rest of San Francisco South Bay Area, but with our remote support options, other customer locations in the US are also well served.

How we work

Working with Lim IT Consulting: For your Network and IT projects, Lim IT Consulting will first do an initial consultation to listen to your needs and evaluate your business (or home office) challenges.  We will then work with you to design a best practice solution engineered to increase operational efficiency without breaking the bank. We will provide a clear quotation which shows an estimate of all consulting hours, and a clear price for all materials which are needed.

Typical customers

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Here you can find our Blog with updates on what we have been doing and other interesting things with regard to networking and other interesting things in the world of IT.

WiFi access point

In residential settings, the location of the WiFi access point is usually a point of debate, as we don’t want them to be in plain sight. We have gotten used to looking at the consumer grade routers (although some of them look ridiculous). The Ubiquiti WiFi access points look totally acceptable, and blend into the …

About Lim IT Consulting

Lim IT Consulting’s, Pascal Lim has a B.S. in Computer Sciences and over 25 years of experience, working with Apple, Unix, Windows, and computer networking. He started his career in The Netherlands, where he was amongst the first engineers to receive accreditation from Microsoft as a Certified Systems Engineer.

Pascal’s first jobs focussed mainly on IT consulting and IT pre-sales consulting for a premier IT distributor (IBM, HP, Toshiba). Later he moved to application consulting (SAP) and infrastructure project management. While working at Philips Electronics IT, Pascal was requested to move to the US and setup the Manufacturing IT department for the Philip’s LED division. He setup the IT infrastructure management group as well as the software application development group, running all of the manufacturing IT in 4 factories spread across 3 countries and 2 continents.

Pascal has always loved computers and systems. While managing IT departments, Pascal has always made sure he has hands-on experience and regular training; something that set him apart from other managers, and made communicating with his employees very easy: he speaks their “IT language”.

Currently Pascal Lim is residing in San Jose, California and is focussing his IT consulting activities in the South San Francisco Bay Area, around San Jose.


For more information on IT support, IT project management, Internet, networking and/or remote management solutions, contact Lim IT Consulting: