NVR Firmware (3.9.4) on HOLD

At Lim IT Consulting, we thoroughly test software and firmware updates, before we deploy them in a production environment. We do this for all of the product that we support (most of Ubiquiti’s Unifi line of products and  Synology NAS).

We have been testing the new firmware that Ubiquiti sent out a week ago (3.9.4), and we have found some issues with remote connections. We will NOT install this version on any of our installations, and will wait until a newer version comes out, that we can verify to be in correct working order.


Our testing was good, as Ubiquiti published the following statement:

In light of the cloud connection issues related to UniFi Video 3.9.4, we have decided to pull that release and revert back to 3.9.3 as the current GA release.

We would like to sincerely apologize to our user base and to our exceptional community for the inconvenience this has caused and are committed to getting the next release as stable and reliable before it goes to a public release.  This is not our best work and certainly not up to our standard of quality.

We at Lim IT Consulting are looking forward to the next release Ubiquiti is going to release. They usually do a good job, and we consider this release to be an exception.