Upgrade to NVR firmware 3.9.5

As you may recall, we decided not to upgrade our Ubiquiti Unifi NVR’s to version 3.9.4, because we saw some issues with regard to connectivity. It turned out our testing was done well, because Ubiquiti later decided to pull the 3.9.4 firmware from it’s repository, and posted an article on how to revert back to version 3.9.3.

Two weeks ago, version 3.9.5 was released to the public and we decided to do some testing again (as we always do) before upgrading our production environments.  In the release notes we can read the following:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an error in motion recording that caused Minimum Motion Event Trigger content to be truncated for short recordings
  • Fixed motion recording playback sometimes including an extra video segment
  • Fixed motion images sometimes not included in alert emails
  • Fixed cloud disconnections caused by websocket pong timeouts, when network is slow or cloud server responses are slowed down.  This solves the repetitive disconnected/reconnected cloud issue.  If your UniFi Video install continues to be disconnected after upgrading, it should come back to a Connected status in 15 minutes or less
  • Fixed Email username field not populated correctly
  • Fixed UniFi Video cloud re-connection hanging after the controller is disconnected either due to degraded network or the UniFi Video installation losing its IP address


We found the issue we had with the prior release to be fixed and have decided to deploy this version to production environments. Which means that our production environments will go from version 3.9.2 to 3.9.5.