Cloud Key Firmware 0.12.0 brings new interface

We have been running this version of the firmware now for a few months in our test environment to make sure it is stable to support in the field. This firmware also brought us a new controller version and it was a major change coming from the prior version. An entirely new user interface was the first thing we noticed. And also under the surface there were enough changes, that made us want to give this version a thorough test before we would upgrade the systems at our customer’s sites.

We have noticed a few things that made our eyebrows frown, and they took some investigation to truly understand what was going on. In some cases it had to do with the new controller software, and in other cases, after in depth investigation, the issues we encountered had nothing to do with the controller at all. As an example we had one site where there was a device, which we hadn’t identified, that kept roaming from one AP to the next, and the next and the next, and then to be finally rejected from the network. But at other times, we would see the device actually generate a limited amount of network traffic. After a few hours of plowing through log files, and scavenging the internet, we found out it was the owner’s Tesla parked outside of the building that would try to connect to the network. Depending on how it was parked, it would get a strong connection to the network, and on other occasions it would hardly get a network connection at all. When we figured out that it was the car that was causing the issues, they were easily corrected (in the car’s wifi settings).

From today onwards, we will run this firmware, with the latest controller software on our sites. The new interface did take some time to get used to, but it works.