Typical Customers: Hotels and Motels

What is a hotel or motel room without WiFi these days? You need to provide WiFi to your guests, but you don’t want everyone else within range of your network that is not a guest consume the internet bandwidth. If you don’t want your customers to complain, you need to setup a guest network, with a voucher system. Only people whom you have given a personal voucher have access to the internet connection for the time you allow them to.

WiFi access in all guest rooms

You’re providing internet to your customers, but that is not enough. You also need to make sure you have enough WiFi coverage!

  • in all of the guest rooms
  • at the breakfast buffet
  • at the outside swimming pool
  • in the gym
  • in the lounge area
  • etc.

We can make sure you have the right amount of WiFi coverage, with a guest voucher system, with seamless roaming from one area to another. All of this will be securely setup: guest have no access to your company computers, tablets, phones or points of sale.

Call us or send an email if you like to learn more about these options.

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